Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Uncertainty Resolving

The uncertainty that sent me over the edge last week is resolving. We got our taxes back. We owe, but not too much, so we can go ahead with the room addition. That is going to relieve a lot of pressure on our family long term- we have a couple of serious space use issues that were going to be hard to solve without more space. I'm sure we would have found a way, but I like this way. Before the room addition, our house is only ~1300 square feet. After the addition, our house will still be smaller than most newer single family homes. I've ranted before about how everything that goes into our house- from furniture to toys- has been upsized over the years (really, go look at the Fisher Price Little People sets from now and from 10 years ago if you don't believe me). We try to use space consciously and well, but there are limits to what I can do with creative storage solutions!

So anyway, the room addition is going forward and we are all very excited about that, albeit a little nervous about what the construction period will be like.

It also looks like Mr. Snarky will get to come to my friend's wedding in France with me, because it looks like he will be able to combine it with a work trip. We're still awaiting final approval on that, but for now, our assumption is that we are both going. The kids will stay home with my parents. (Construction will start after that trip, because it seems a bit much to ask my parents to take care of my kids and deal with construction, and due to permitting, etc., this only introduces a two week delay.)

Since our home will be under construction this summer and Mr. Snarky and I will be having a little vacation in France, we won't be trying to do an extensive family vacation this year. We'll still take a week off, but we'll probably just stay here in San Diego and enjoy our beaches and other tourist attractions. Maybe if the construction is frustrating us, we'll even treat ourselves to a night or two in a local hotel. We'll see.

With that settled, and with info from day care about when their special summer activities will be, we were able to decide on summer camp plans. I have them all mapped out and just need to go book them. I may even do that tomorrow.

So... phew. It is good to have all that settled. I still have a lot of work-related uncertainty- I want to find more hours of contracting work, and it is not yet clear where those will come from. I'm more used to dealing with that sort of uncertainty, though, and am already working to resolve it. Still, if you or anyone you knows could use some project management or informatics advice or hands on help... hit me up!


  1. It can be tough when everything seems to be up in the air, so that's great that things seem to be settling down and you're able to plan more!

    We're in a mode of "up in the air" right now, and it's unsettling. I'm coming to the end of my teaching program, but don't know how quickly I'll be able to find a job. We want to do a big double-city trip out west this summer, and we want to renovate our attic (for the same reasons you want to add a room). So, because of all these things, we don't know what we want to/can do with the kids this summer in terms of daycare/summer programs. I know things will work out somehow, but it's frustrating not to be able to make any decisions right now.

    I am SO jealous of you and Mr. Snarky being able to go to France together without the kids! One day...

    1. Last year was the first year we were both away from our kids for more than a couple of nights- they went to visit my parents for a week. They were 7 and 4.5. You'll get there!

      Good luck sorting our your uncertainty. As last week's post showed, I HATE the cascading effect that it can have!

  2. Anonymous7:29 AM

    That all sounds great!

    My sister has just requested another cat, which, if it works out, would put us down to two cats, which means we might be able to rent our house out after all instead of having someone cat-sit for the year. Of course, then we have to rent out the house...

    1. Thanks!

      Are there property companies in your area who can handle the renting for you? My next door neighbor is renting out her house soon, and the property company found the renter for her.

    2. Anonymous10:10 AM

      It's complicated. Renting companies won't handle furnished or partially-furnished places and can't find renters who aren't students (we're not allowed to rent out to students per HOA). So most folks use a regular real estate agent, but there's also a lot of craigslist-related hustling involved because this isn't a seller's market.

      I also have some hopes that a visiting faculty member will be interested in the place, but we'll see. First we have to make sure my sister will take the cat for real.

  3. Awesome! So good to hear that some of the pieces are falling into place!

    (and yes, I'm envious, too, of that vacation to France sans children!)


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