Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekend Links: The Bon Voyage Edition

I have been practicing my French, getting ready for our week in France. One of my favorite new phrases is the phrase for "I'm sorry"- previously, I'd only learned "excuse me" (excusez-moi) and "pardon" (pardon).

"I'm sorry" is Je suis désolé, which of course makes an English speaker think of "I am desolated."

This makes me smile. To my English speaking ears, it seems such an emphatic way to say "I'm sorry."

Anyway, Je suis désolé mais... this will be a short post, and there may not be a post next week at all. I am taking my laptop, but will only write if I feel like writing.

If you are suffering from an absence of things to read, there's always the archives!

I do have a few links for you this week.

How women are erased from tech history. This starts to get at why I am uncomfortable about how some non-STEM feminists talk about women in STEM fields. It sometimes feels like they are ignoring those of us who are here, and that erasure hurts, even while I agree with them that we need to reform systems and improve the culture to encourage more women to get into STEM.

On hiking with children. As I said on Twitter, my main trick is to count things, particularly steps. That dates from our California Road Trip of 2011, when I used it to get Pumpkin to walk back up the hill to our car at Sequoia National Park.

This upcoming picture book looks really cool, and I'm not just saying that because I consider the author an online friend.

This is an epic and well-deserved troll of the NY Times.

I picked a quote for Tungsten Hippo this week that is an accurate reflection of what I suspect will happen while I'm in France:

This gives me hope for the future. I can't imagine most of the guys I went to high school with thinking to do this, let alone actually doing it.

C'est tout! Au revoir!

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