Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some Good Things

A story from Petunia, written on my whiteboard. Spelling corrections are in brackets.

Un buen dilla [dia]

Yo estan en mi casa. Yo no es triste. Yo es flis [feliz] es mi buen dilla [dia]. Yo veo pez. Mi pez no es triste mi pez. Es fulis [feliz]. Mis amigos no es triste. Mis amigos es fulis [feliz].

She's writing more stories now. Whereas Pumpkin generally won't try to guess how to spell a word if she doesn't know (she'll ask someone), Petunia is happy to take her best guess, which makes her stories even more fun.


When I first set up our aquarium, I let the pet store employee talk me into accepting some "rescue snails"- i.e., some other customer's snail had babies and these were the result. Sadly, it seems that these young snails go through long periods of dormancy. I keep thinking they are dead, but they pass the sniff test, and then eventually wake up and start moving around for a few days, then go back into whatever they are doing where they look like they're dead.

Whatever is going on with them, they weren't eating enough algae and it was taking over our aquarium.

So I went and bought another snail. I got a "regular" one this time, and it is going to town eating algae. It is actually really cool to watch when it is attached to the side of the aquarium. You can see its little mouth chomping away on the algae.


I fianlly wrote a post of my own over at Tungsten Hippo (rather than just posting a Book Introduction guest post). I wrote about what I've learned from reading a bunch of old stories.


And now I'd better get started on my day, since the time change has already stolen an hour.


  1. dormant snails? I wonder what kind they are?

  2. Ha! The bit about not trying a word if you don't know the spelling says a lot about personality. I think I'm more like Pumpkin.


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