Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Politics-Free Edition

I am in LA for a conference. I decided to buy Hamilton for the drive north, and see what you guys have all been talking about. It took me about 2/3 of the way through the drive, and WOW, I get it now. It is really brilliant. The little bits and pieces I'd listened to so far don't do it justice. You really need to listen to it straight through to get just how brilliant it is.

So that's my number 1 recommendation for your weekend.

But you were probably expecting things to read, not things to listen to, so here are you go:

First of all, I posted something over at the Annorlunda site about the three new books I'm working on right now. They're all great, and all quite different from each other. I'll have more to say about each as the release dates near, but I have already set up the sign up forms for advance readers, if anyone is interested. Here are the links:

In other publishing news, I've put Unspotted on sale for $0.99. If you've been tempted to check it out, now's a great time. Purchase links are available on the Annorlunda site.

On to other things...

I've decided to avoid politics in my links this week (unless you count the Hamilton recommendation as politics!) mostly because I need a break.

Awhile back, California had to release a bunch of low level offenders due to prison overcrowding. It did not unleash a crime wave.

In other horrifying news, Dune Lawrence's story of being targeted by a smear campaign is scary, and represents another important scenario that the tech companies blithely ignore or wave away as not their problem, even though it is their products that make this sort of campaign possible and effective.

There is nasty new exploit targeting Macs. If you use iCloud, consider setting up two-factor authentication. Really, we should all be using 2FA on everything. I know, it is a pain. And I'm not all the way through putting 2FA on all my accounts, either. But it is worth doing.

I'm feeling very unobservant because I do not remember ever noticing men in mini skirts on Star Trek TNG.

Sara Wachter-Boettcher also has a great new way to sign emails. If you enjoy puns, click through and read the replies.

Happy weekend, everyone! Cheese!


  1. Oh, enjoy Hamilton. We've been obsessed since the cast recording release, and we bought tickets around then (luckily, for the ticket situation is now insane) - going in a month! :D I just got into In the Heights, too, it's similarly amazing.

  2. Hamilton is all I listen to. I first saw a promotional version of "My Shot" and had no idea what I was looking at, could not stop watching it, and immediately had to know more. I have no idea if I'll even get to see it live in L.A., because their current plan is to sell Hamilton only as part of the entire season. But I'd really like to. As someone who has been passionate about colonial and revolutionary American history since the age of 6, I'm hooked.


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