Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Let's Get Right To It Edition

Well here we are at Friday again. And here are some things you might want to read this weekend:

Zack Beauchamp wrote in Vox about racial resentment and the rise of politicians like Donald Trump.

While we've been distracted by the Trump nightmare over here in the US, Britain is having political turmoil of its own, and this short article about the difference between Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn might be worth pondering as we think about our own political choices.

A last bit of politics, in the form of a tweet of a Facebook post (I miss the age of blogs....)

Oops, one more political thing: the California ballot initiatives in haiku.

I wish the world wasn't so harsh on kids who don't fit our gender expectations, but I'm glad this family found acceptance at Justice. Also, I love the phrase "gender creative."

I want to visit Canadian World, but I think I should go to the real Prince Edward Island first.

We stumbled across this bit of New Zealand history recently, and I defy you to watch it without smiling:

It was a huge hit in NZ.

They've made a documentary about it:

That seems as good a way to head into the weekend as any. Happy weekend, everyone!

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