Friday, September 09, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Mostly Politics Free Edition

Thanks for the thoughts about the headaches, everyone. @Sciliz sent me a link to an article in which a doctor basically argues that magnesium supplements might help and won't hurt migraine sufferers. I may follow the thread on this one and see what I turn up.

The only political thing I'm going to share this week is David Roberts writing about some dudes who really need to get a grip.

Unless you consider articles about Deep Space Nine articles about politics. I have two of those. It is my favorite Star Trek show and reading these two articles makes me want to find a way to watch it again.

First up, Beth Elderkin writes that DS9 is the best Star Trek world because it is most like the real world.

Then Analee Newitz writes about how DS9 helped her find hope in a dark time.

Speaking of invented worlds... Vanessa Fogg's The Lilies of Dawn picked up three new reviews this week. The longest is Cait Coker's review in The Future Fire. It has some light spoilers, though, so here's a quote:

"Fogg’s writing is incredibly vivid and at times poetic; it makes me wish that one day it will reappear in a heavily illustrated edition, especially given the lovely cover art by Likhain that already graces the slender paperback. Fogg is also incredibly skilled with detail and world-building."

The other two reviews were from DJ Cockburn and Nthato Morakabi and are spoiler free.

Speaking of Annorlunda Books... we've scheduled our next Hindi film watchalong. We'll be watching Kal Ho Naa Ho on September 18. Join us if you can! If the last watchalong is any guide, it will be a lot of fun.

This letter to a parent of an undiagnosed autistic girl is a really beautiful explanation of the benefits of a diagnosis.

This post about how to grow and preserve a garden is also beautiful, and more than a little heartbreaking.

And two fun things to end on:

More about that adjective order thing that has been going around the internet recently.

And Alexandra Petri provides advice on how to get that Presidential look.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. DS9 was so good. I really liked it. And then the network started moving it around, and I lost track of it. Someday I need to stream it. I assume I can stream it.

  2. DS9 is on Netflix!

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