Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Did You Miss Twitter? Edition

So, Twitter was unaccessible from my computer for most of the day. I could get to it on my phone, but only if I used the cell network, not my internet connection. I missed it, but I must confess its absence helped me push through an article revision I've been stuck on. I am trying to write an article about how to set a strategy to accomplish long term goals, and for some reason this has been a hard one for me to write. It took me more than two hours to produce a really crappy first draft on Wednesday. I managed to improve it a lot today, and think I should be able to finish it off in the hour or two of work I do on Sunday morning.

Incidentally, that hour or two of Sunday work is how I "buy" time to go rollerblading on Friday afternoons. I try to schedule writing work for that time, and do it with my morning tea while the rest of the family has a lazy start to the day. I find the Sunday morning writing time enjoyable, and so the whole thing works out great. I keep meaning to write a post about what I'm learning about time use now that I have convinced myself to just go ahead and enjoy my super flexible current work schedule. Maybe next week.

Anyhow, this links post is the last thing between me and a nice rollerblade by the bay, so let's get to it, shall we?

Vox had some excellent election coverage this week. If you only read one of their articles, read this one from Jenée Desmond-Harris about how the Trump campaign is affecting kids. But Ezra Klein's article about how kickass Hillary Clinton's debate performances were is really good, too. And Matt Yglesias on the new "silent majority" is worth your time.

The publisher of the Arizona Republic responds to the threats the newspaper has been getting since they endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Confession time: at the time of the Bush-Gore election and subsequent recount mess, I was in the midst of falling head over heals in love with Mr. Snarky. I definitely voted in that election, but I remember almost nothing about the uproar that followed. If you also have forgotten that time, Jonathan Chait has a refresher on it.

If you missed the Washington Post article about how the young man who was a rising start in the white nationalist community changed his mind, it is worth your time.

If you've been blaming your aging eyes for difficulty reading websites... nah, it is just a bad design trend.

Sara Benincasa's story about a date, a creep, and how the staff of an upscale restaurant stepped in to rescue her is wonderful.

Here's a wonderful story about how Hamilton is helping a non-verbal child communicate. You'll never hear that "Awesome! Wow!" the same way again.

This is a poignant cartoon about bullying.

This article from the wonderful Chavi Eve Karkowsky (who, if she happens to read this, is hopefully still working on a book because I really want to read it) about birth control pills and side effects arrived at a good time for me. I've been struggling with headaches, everything points to there being a hormonal component, and just today I sat down with my doctor and decided to try changing up my birth control to see if that helps.

Let's end with some cute animals!

The quokka:


I love bunnies! These two remind me of one of my childhood pets:

Sadly, due to allergies I can't have an indoor bunny and due to coyotes I can't have an outdoor bunny. But I have the Rabbit Isle Twitter Bot! Discovering that was probably the high point of my week.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. I follow the rabbit island bot after you retweeted it. It's the perfect antidote for stress.


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