Friday, October 07, 2016

Weekend Reading: The What a Week Edition

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post. I still have a headache, but lying brain is done for the month.

Since I'm feeling happier, I decided to try something different today, and instead of quitting work early to go for a rollerblade, I went after lunch. It was a wonderful rollerblade- the weather is beautiful and there was a nice breeze and very few other people out. But it was a tactical error, because I had a hard time transitioning back to work. I think I can treat a short run as an early afternoon break, but rollerblading needs to stay something I do when I'm done working for the day.

Of course, the latest election news isn't helping me focus. I didn't think I could get more disgusted by this campaign, but here we are.

So anyway, let's have some links.

Jeet Heer wrote an interesting short history of cartoon characters as racial commentary.

Kate Marvel's personal essay about being a woman in science is beautiful.

Ijeoma Oluo's love letter to her kids' school district is also beautiful. Can we work to make all school districts like this, please? And thank you to all the teachers and administrators who are already working for that.

The Medieval POC tumblr is awesome for both the history and the art. Here's a recent post that I really love.

There isn't really anything new in this Washington Post about how to raise less entitled kids, but it is nice to have it all in one place.

Similarly, there isn't anything new in this post about the real reason women leave tech, but again, it is nice to have it all in one place.

This is just a great essay on data, big and otherwise. It would be my "if you're only going to read one link" pick this week, but then I'm a data nerd.

I am still trying to read and listen to the viewpoints of people I don't necessarily agree with. In that quest, I came across this article in the article in the Christian Post makes an interesting argument for Hillary Clinton as the best choice for people who really want to reduce the number of abortions in this country.

The Daily Show's response to that racist Fox news segment in Chinatown is great. (There is a lot of cussing, though, so if that bothers you... or you have kids around, you've been warned.)

Petula Dvorak on ageist misogyny and Hillary Clinton is worth a read.

Some self-promotion: my next taster flight will be out next week. It is a collection of classic short ghost stories, and I need advance readers. Querying reviewers was what I was supposed to do after my rollerblade.... so if you're interested, sign up!

Also, Academaze author Xykademiqz' post "A Good Little Girl" god reprinted in ASBMB Today. I wanted to boost my company's Facebook post about that, but Facebook is being a pill with boosted posts right now (it also failed to boost this post), so... if you have Facebook friends who might be interested, you could share it and that would accomplish something similar!

OK, almost time to go pick my kids up so I need to wrap up.... let's have something nice to end on:

This made me smile.

Petunia's really into Elephant and Piggie books right now, so this made me smile, too.

And here's some great music I discovered thanks to NPR (The World, to be precise). My favorite so far (I've always loved this song... but there are a lot of other great songs on her channel, too!)

Happy Weekend.


  1. I just finished putting up our links for the week. It took an hour. Wow. I need this election to be over. I need Hillary Clinton to win by a landslide. I need all the racists and misogynists and bigots of all stripes to go back in their hidey holes.

    1. I don't think they will go back in their hidey holes. A great many of them won't, at any rate.

  2. You can watch Collections as Data on LOC's YouTube channel and it is worthwhile.


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