Friday, August 25, 2017

Weekend Reading: That Week Went Fast Edition

My kids start school on Monday, and this last week of their summer break went by really fast. I honestly thought I'd post another trip story sometime this week... but it didn't happen. There is always next week.

In book promo news:
In other self-promo news:

I finally decided to offer an online version of my non-academic job search seminar. I've given various versions of this seminar at several places, and had been debating whether or not to do an online version. I finally got off the fence about that. The live session will  be Sept. 20. Enrollment is open until Sept. 18, but the price goes up five dollars on Sept. 6. I've intentionally priced this seminar below my usual price to hopefully keep it accessible to anyone who is interested: it is $25 until Sept 6, and $30 after that. If you can't afford the price, though, email me and we'll work something out.

OK, enough promotional links. On to the other stuff! I don't have much this week, because other things have kept me busy. But here's what I have:

California has done a great job showing that we can transition to green energy without hurting on our economy, but the next climate challenge we face is even bigger: how to decrease emissions from cars. If you are interested in how we can fight climate change, take a look at this article. What we need to do next is daunting, but if we can do it, I think we'll end up with cities that are more enjoyable to live in (even ignoring the climate impact).

David Perry puts the exclusion of women from coding jobs into historical context, using medieval beer brewing as an example.

This is from a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to post it, and it is still worth reading: Jamelle Bouie is right that white Americans need to make a choice

This is a masterful use of Twitter by Rep. Don Beyer (click through for the full thread):

The lecture anthropologist Katie Hinde gave on the first day of class this year is a wonderfully told story about what her field can offer.

Look at this beautiful bird:

And this cute bunny!

Right now, I'm watching Hurricane Harvey bear down on Texas, and hoping everyone in its path stays safe and that FEMA has its act together even if I have little confidence in the White House to provide any meaningful leadership right now. I'm thinking about you folks in Texas and neighboring states. Get to higher ground if you need to.

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  1. I've known about that medieval brewing shift for a while; one of my friend in grad school was the first person I knew who made homebrew, and he was both a historian and in the Society for Creative Anachronisms--which meant, for him, that he did a lot of research. All of that came together when, as a student, he stood up at a professional conference and refuted the speaker's assertion that brewing had always been a male-dominated industry.

    It really seems the crisis for boys in school developed just as it turned out that when you actually let girls get an education, they're better at it.


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