Friday, June 01, 2018

Weekend Reading: The Back in the Link Business Edition

We decided to get our Prius fixed. We hope to get a couple more years out of it and decided that the repair was worth it to get those years. We'll see how it goes. The Prius is with the mechanic now and I'm driving a rental car.

I've mostly caught up on what I meant to do last Friday. Hooray! But I've been pretty busy with both that and with my actual job, so haven't had a chance to write much. Boo!

Still, I have some links, so lets get to them:

This article from a former 911 dispatcher about racist 911 calls is depressing. But go read it anyway.

Sady Doyle on the ERA and what it might mean if we get it ratified.

And this article by Jess McIntosh about a bad evening and the continual redefining of our stories about our experiences as we gain more insight is really, really good.

My pick for the one article to read if you only have time for one: This article with the stories of refugees and deportees in Tijuana, and the people trying to help them.

Greg Sargent on what Republicans in Congress are helping to cover up.

This made me smile:

But bunnies are better!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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