Friday, June 15, 2018

Weekend Reading: School's Out Edition

Wednesday was the last day of school here, and so the first half of the week was full of the usual end of school year events. This year we had some extra events, because Pumpkin finished 5th grade, which is the end of elementary school here. There was a promotion party at Mission Bay on Sunday, and some extra things for her at school. Petunia's class, meanwhile, decided to have a "last day of school breakfast." Petunia asked if I could send scones, and scones are easy so I said yes. But then she asked could I make them Wednesday morning so they'd be hot... and I laughed at myself for being such a sucker, but I said yes again.

So anyway, it has been a busy week, which always shortens my links list. And the news has just been soul-crushing this week. The news about the separation of children from their parents at our border is excruciating to follow. I have been following, but not in detail, because I find that when I allow myself to get too sucked in to these distressing news cycles, I lose my motivation to keep working for change. So, I took a step back so that I could keep working to move us past this period. That means I won't be sharing stories on this topic this week.

Here are the links I do have:

I continue to follow voting rights issues, and the Supreme Court's decision to allow Ohio's voter purge law to stand is disappointing. Here is a discussion of Justice Sotomayor's dissent, and how it may show the path to getting rid of these laws, which have been shown to disproportionately disenfranchise poorer voters and voters of color.

This is an interesting round table with four Never-Trump conservatives.

Sarah Rich on her son who likes to wear dresses and the limits we impose on boys.

David Roberts wrote an explainer about carbon dioxide capture technology and what it does and does not mean for climate change.



That's all I have this week. Happy weekend, everyone!

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