Friday, September 28, 2018

In Lieu of Links

I don't have a weekend reading post in me this week. I had thought maybe I'd write about why I'm so angry instead, but it turns out I don't have that in me, either.

I've spent time this week on the hobbies that make me happier: I updated the mapping plugin on my Adjusted Latitudes site and figured out how to create a KML file to show the route of our Redondo Beach weekend getaway and put that on the map. I worked on promo pitches for the upcoming Annorlunda Books release The Inconvenient God. (Note: I'm running a promo for people who buy it before the end of October.)

I've read a lot of news, too, but I don't feel up to parsing through it and finding the truly useful things to share. My kids are still too young to be following this mess, so at least I didn't have to try to explain it all to them. (This time is coming to an end. My older daughter is 11, and starting to pay attention to wider events. Her journalism class had an assignment about the Kavanaugh nomination before the sexual assault allegations hit. They've switched to tamer topics now, and she has shown no interest in following up on it on her own. But in another year or two that won't be the case.)

I do have to try to keep myself together for our usual routines, though, and last night, in particular, that was difficult. I made it, but only by writing postcards during the kids' snack time. Writing postcards makes me feel like I'm doing something, so it calms the impotent fury a bit. (If you want to join me: PostcardstoVoters has switched to the midterms now, and there is also the Postcards4VA effort underway.)

My younger daughter turns 9 next week. She is so excited about her birthday and the upcoming party. I want to be excited with her, and to do that, I need to tune out a little bit. I'll be back soon, though.

Let's make our country truly worthy of this girl's rendition of our anthem:


  1. I keep going back and forth between fury and needing something happy to refresh my spirit. This week, like many others, sucked.

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Even 45 said Dr. Ford was credible, but he still supports second accused sexual attacker on the Supreme Court. How will we explain this to our daughters and granddaughters. How to you teach them to live their best most authentic lives while also teaching them to live in reality which for females means constant awareness of ever present dangers in sexual harassment, assault. How do you teach sons and grandsons that consent is necessary when the presidency and Supreme Court and National Congress prove boys can be boys and girls are there to be their victims without consequences to boys.
    Because by age 12 this is happening to lots and lots of girls even if schools don't teach about it.

  3. Socal dendrite9:51 AM

    What an amazing rendition of the anthem! I'm a British expat who still misses home 11 years on, but I have to say the US national anthem knocks the socks off the UK one ;-)


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