Saturday, September 08, 2018

Weekend Reading: The Little and Late Edition

This week was a mess of back to school events, including a picnic at the bay yesterday evening. Between that and an afternoon work meeting onsite at one of our customers... I didn't get this post written on time. Oh well.

And I don't have a lot to share, because of all the back to school events. Some weeks are like that!

Here's what I do have:

If you read only one thing on my list this week, make it this essay by Mollie Tibbits' father.

Here's a good comparison of how we treat women stars who do things like shoplift or react to winning an award or get sexually harassed by men vs. men stars who do things like sexually harass and/or assault women. Surprise! The women come off worse.

I guess I'm glad Barack Obama agrees that these upcoming midterms are the most important election of our lives. If you want to read his full speech, here it is. Then please, find a way to help win the midterms.

I agree with this assessment of what is at stake:

This xkcd cartoon made me laugh.

In recommended listening:

The On Being podcast episode with Mahzarin Banaji is wonderful.

That's all I have. Except... Bunny!

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