Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Family Fun List 2020

The Family Fun list has been a tradition in our house since 2013. I provided a little context in last year's post... So let's get right to how we did on our 2019 fun list and then I'll post our list for this year!

Here was last year's list:

  • Go to the San Diego kids' art museum. (Petunia) - DONE. We went in early July and had fun, but also realized that this museum is really aimed at younger kids. We've aged out of it!
  • Go to [a local indoor rock climbing place]. (Pumpkin) - DONE. This was the year we finally got to this item. The kids had a lot of fun.
  • Visit the slot canyon in San Diego country. (Mr. Snarky) - DONE, in April. It was a really great outing. The kids complained about the walk to the slot canyon but they had so much fun in the canyon they went around the loop twice.
  • Go to a special event at Balboa Park. (Me) - DONE. We hit the Holiday Food Trucks after Christmas. This was not the event I had in mind when I put this on the list, but it was an event so it counts!
  • Have an outdoor ball sports day. (Petunia) - DONE. We had some 3-on-3 baseball with my parents when they were in town for Christmas.
  • Go mini-golfing (Pumpkin) - DONE. And in a really weird turn of events, I won. I NEVER win at mini-golf!
  • Go to a musical. (Mr. Snarky) - DONE. We saw Matilda at the Moonlight Theater in Vista and had a great time. We also saw Anne, the Musical in Charlottetown on our vacation.
  • Go get ice cream at a non-chain shop. (Me) - DONE. We tried out a local shop called Moosies. It was good.
  • Hold a no-braces party with at least one friend and all the food forbidden when wearing braces. (Petunia) - DONE
  • Walk around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. (Pumpkin) - DONE. This was the first year with minimal complaining about the walk from Petunia, too. This may be becoming a tradition we all like!
  • Go on a boat-based animal viewing excursion. (Mr. Snarky) - Did not do. We thought we'd go see some puffins in Cape Breton or whales here... but we did not.
  • Try a new restaurant in San Diego. (Me.) - DONE. And we liked that restaurant enough to go back again!
  • Bonus: Go to Rita's Italian Ice (Consensus choice from the kids) - Sort of done. I took the kids while Mr. Snarky was out of town for work, but we never made it there as a family... and now the last franchise in our area has closed.

Here are some photos from our fun outings:

One of the cool things at the San Diego kids' art museum - Petunia enjoyed climbing in it, Pumpkin was too big.

The kids rock climbing:

Me, climbing up the slot canyon:

And the view from the top:

And here's our list for this year:

  • Go to a movie in a movie theater (Petunia. This is not a common thing in our house, partly because Pumpkin has traditionally been opposed. But she went to TWO movies with her friends last month - Little Women and Cats, they report Little Women is definitely the better of the two movies - so perhaps we'll have no trouble with this entry. We'll see.)
  • Walk around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights (Pumpkin. She's not quite ready to trust that we'll keep the tradition without it on this list!)
  • Go to a musical (Mr Snarky. He really likes musicals so he's delighted that the kids both seem to enjoy them, too.)
  • Visit Bunnyhenge (Me. Because obviously I need to go.)
  • Go to [an indoor playground in my parents' town] (Petunia)
  • Go to Open Gym at the Y (Pumpkin. She's been wanting to go for awhile and she has correctly determined that if she puts it on this list, she's more likely to get to go!)
  • Hike a peak in Mission Trails park (Mr. Snarky)
  • Walk across the Spruce Street bridge (Me. You need some easy outings on the list!)
  • Go to the Fleet Science Museum (Petunia)
  • Go for a surrey bike ride (Pumpkin. We were reminiscing about past lists and she decided we should try this again - I used to put it on the list every year but stopped after the outing wasn't much fun one year. We'll see if we do better now that the kids are old enough to pedal...)
  • Go to Mexico (Mr. Snarky)
  • Go to the Museum of Making Music (Me)
  • Bonus: Go to a cultural festival (e.g., the Viking festival a friend told us about) (Mr. Snarky - since we didn't go animal watching on a boat last year, he got the bonus pick)
I think we have a good list this year. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun family outings!

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