Saturday, December 11, 2021

Maybe Edging My Way Back to a Weekend Reading Post

I had a really intense work week. Work didn't spill outside of regular hours much, but my regular work hours were packed. Monday was a solid day of meetings, starting at 8:30 and wrapping up at 4. I had a few short breaks to answer emails and eat lunch, but nothing over 15 minutes. Tuesday wasn't much better. And Thursday featured an unexpected outage on one of the servers my team was using, which is its own kind of intensity.

I didn't have to get back online after dinner last night, but that was made possible by the fact that I skipped my rollerblade outing. We'd had some rain earlier in the day and quite a bit of rain the day before and I decided there might still be too many puddles. And I had so much work to do...

Anyway, here I am, sipping tea and trying to remember how to relax. We have a busy weekend (aren't they all this time of year?) but I am taking a few minutes to sit and enjoy my tea before I launch into it.

Because work has been so intense lately, I haven't really read much. But I did manage to write a post about our recent getaway to Riverside.

I do have a few other things to share, too:

This cartoon hit me surprisingly hard, as someone who has often found herself in jobs that seemed most interested in only part of my abilities. I think that is unavoidable to a certain extent, but I've been doing some thinking about how some things I do contribute to that (like not caring a lot about my title, so sometimes accepting a title that is more junior than my experience would justify) and whether I want to change anything. 

This is cool:

This video is fun. I particularly enjoy the minor characters, like shirtless dude:

Here's a rabbit investigating a Christmas tree:

Have a good weekend!

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