Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Less Thing to Feel Guilty About

I saw a story about a new study that found that doing rigorous self breast exams is not particularly beneficial on the BBC website today. I like the British "TLC" approach much better than the American "you must do this specific type of exam" approach. I wonder when the American medical recommendation will change? Regardless, I am officially crossing this off my list of things I feel guilty for not doing.

My theme of laziness continues!


  1. Oh, thank you! Now I feel better about that, too! ;-)

  2. Sherry H.2:58 PM

    (hello, i'm clicking over from the Ask Moxie site...)

    wow, my american doctor is up to speed! i had my annual exam a few weeks ago, and my doctor asked if i do a monthly breast exam, and if not to not feel guilty about it because as it turns out a self-exam is not so effective.

    he actually said not to feel "guilty".


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