Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random Things

Earlier this week, we had Pumpkin out for her after dinner walk. She had insisted on walking, not sitting in a stroller, so we weren't going far. She was not walking in anything approximating a straight line, but she was doing a great job of staying on the sidewalk. Then three women came by, also out for their evening stroll. They were walking three abreast, so were walking in the street. They stopped to admire Pumpkin, who was shy, but friendly. After they walked away, Pumpkin looked up at us, looked at the street where the women had been standing, and headed straight for the street. I think she thought that if they could walk in the street, so could she.


Last night, I made some of Pumpkin's favorite pasta for her dinner. It is Annie's Peace and Parmesan Pasta. If you haven't seen this pasta, it is in the shape of little peace signs. I think she originally took to this pasta because it was easy to pick up- she could stick her little fingers through the pasta. I had some of the pasta last night, too. I, of course, ate with a fork. So Pumpkin wanted a fork, too. I gave her the toddler fork we'd bought for her. She pushed her pasta around with it for awhile, and then went back to using her fingers to eat. Towards the end of the meal, though, she picked up her fork again, and speared a single peace sign, and then steered it into her mouth. The look of pure pride and happiness on her face was wonderful to see. We clapped for her, and she tried again. She succeeded again, and again, she beamed with pride and we clapped. She repeated this 5 or 6 times before she got tired of it or full, and started pointing at the floor so that we'd get her out of her high chair.


Here is a gratuitous cute picture:

We bought Pumpkin the "pop pop" toy at a garage sale last weekend. I couldn't resist, because I had (and loved) a very similar toy when I was a toddler. So far, Pumpkin's favorite time to use this toy is when she wakes up in a super playful mood at 5:15 in the morning, and one of her parents is trying to get a little more sleep.

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  1. What a cute pic! Our Pumpkin loves the popper too.

    And we've discovered that sometimes when she won't eat things with her hands (which is her normal method), she will eat it off a fork or spoon. I have no idea why.


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