Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Her Way

'I can't seem to stop posting gratuitously cute toddler stories. It is not that Pumpkin doesn't do infuriating/not so cute things as well, and it is not that I don't have other things I want to post about (for instance, this post on Slashdot, which I should have known better than to read) ... it is just that I am so thoroughly enjoying watching Pumpkin learn new things right now that those other things are getting pushed to the side.

So, without further ado, here is the daily dose of cute:

1. Pumpkin has learned how to tell us to leave her alone and let her do things herself. She says "Mommy, 'way!" as in "Mommy, go away", and pushes my hand away. This weekend, she wanted to go out on her trike, which has a push handle. She hasn't figured out how to pedal yet, but she does a good job of pushing the trike along with her feet. Every now and then, she would hit a bump in the sidewalk that she couldn't get over. I'd push her with the handle to get her over the bump, but she would always turn around, wave me off, and say "Mommy, 'way!" It was a very long walk.

2. Hubby has discovered a trick to get Pumpkin to finish her food when she is dawdling. He asks if he can have some, and starts to take it. She says: "No! Mine! Daddy, 'way!" and rescues her food, then puts it in her mouth.

3. She likes shoes (she gets this from me). She likes to bring us our shoes, and tell us "Mommy shoes" or "Daddy shoes". She has associated tennis shoes with my dad for quite awhile (she brings me my tennis shoes and says "Boppa shoes!"), but just last night she showed us that she knows what kind of shoes my Mom wears, too. My Mom usually brings her moccasins over to wear as slippers around the house. Pumpkin was helping Hubby look through the REI catalog last night, and saw a picture of moccasins, which she pointed to and labeled "Mimi shoes!"

That's enough cute for tonight. I promise I'll try to move on to some other topic soon.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Hey, it's your blog. Post however many cute Pumpkin stories you want.

  2. My little girl likes to wave us away, saying, "bye bye! bye bye!" (usually when she is seeking privacy to poop so we won't suggest the potty).

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  4. I love the cute toddler stories, so post as many as you want!

    We also get a lot of help with our shoes, both in which shoes belong to whom and in bringing them to us. It's a very cute fascination they have!


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