Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Time to get back to gratuitously cute toddler stories! Here is one of my favorite playtime activities right now:

Pumpkin likes to pretend that she is putting her baby dolls to bed. She plops them down on their tummies and wallops, I mean pats them on their backs, all while saying "bay-bee! Night-night!" over and over.

I asked at day care, and this is a popular game there, too. Apparently, they sometimes have three or four toddlers putting their baby dolls to bed at a time.

Recently Pumpkin has added the innovation of covering her sleeping babies with a blanket. She gets one of the flannel receiving blankets we used when she was a baby, and covers a doll. She carefully shakes the blanket out and places it on the baby. The only problem is that she tends to put the blanket on the baby's head. Since the baby is already face-planted into the ground, this looks pretty funny. It really looks like she is trying to smother her doll. However, it is clear that she just means to keep the baby warm.

I've tried to get a picture of this activity, but the picture doesn't really capture how cute it is. Note the little doll feet sticking out from the blanket on the left.

Another favorite playtime activity is playing the keyboard:

The keyboard has auto-fill and auto-percussion features, so she can really get rocking. When she happens to push the right buttons to get a good beat going, she likes to bop along.

And finally, because the bee is so cute, the bee-keeper will overlook how dorky she looks and share this photo:


  1. Wow, the two of you dressed for Halloween is the cutest thing ever!

    We're also going through a putting dolly to bed phase...exactly the way you describe it. Very strange.

  2. I LOVE the beekeeper costume with the adorable bee! That rocks!

    My little girl puts her stuffed animals to bed. Then she says, "Shhhh. Hippo seeping." She also loves to pretend she's alseep. If only it were as easy as her lying down and rubbing her own back...

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Love the costumes! Too cute!

  4. OMG, the cuteness! That's fantastic! We alre nearly perpetually putting dolls / puppies / kittens / teddies, etc. to bed, and thumping them mercilessly, I mean, *kindly*. Yikes.


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