Sunday, January 11, 2009

She Sees Animals

In lieu of a zenbit tonight, I'm going to tell you about Pumpkin's latest "thing", which is amusing me. She has gotten very into animals, perhaps because of the Noodlebug: Animal Friends DVD that she got from her Mimi and Boppa for Christmas. She particularly likes the song about riding the "choo-choo-choo at the zoo-zoo-zoo", and makes me play it over and over.

So, yesterday, my sister and I took her to the zoo. She was very excited about the trip, and as soon as I told her where we were going she started saying "I see aminals!" She had fun at the zoo, and when we met up with Hubby later, she announced "I see aminals!" She has been telling us "I see aminals!" all day.

This is very cute, but I always think "I see dead people" (the line from The Sixth Sense) whenever she says it. Which amuses me to no end.

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