Friday, January 09, 2009

Small Satisfaction

I didn't get much sleep last night (and I can't even blame it all on Pumpkin- some of it is due to my ill-advised decision to stay up until after 10 talking with Hubby over a beer), so I don't really have the brain power for a real post.

I did take a look at my hit stats, though, and as usual, someone came to my blog because they want to know about to know about toilets, specifically about the gaps in the doors of American toilet stalls. In fact, I have recently noticed that for some toilet stall gap related searches, I'm the first thing on Google. For others, I'm in the top ten. This says more about the lack of explanation for the gaps and how much the gaps bother non-Americans than it does about the profundity of my post.

I am pretty amused to be amongst the world's foremost experts on toilet stall gaps (according to Google), but I get a lot more satisfaction from the other thing I noticed in my latest round of digital navel gazing- my post on my business trip is the third thing Google lists if you search for tips on pumping during business trips. This is gratifying, because my frustration at how hard it was to find useful information as I prepared for that trip is one of the reasons I started posting on this blog again.


  1. I was briefly #1 on the Google search rankings for Parental Complacency. I was so proud.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I haven't checked lately, but I used to be near the top of "interviewing while pregnant."

  3. Both posts are good, though!

    I'm #1 for "baby fidgets while sleeping" and similar versions. I used to be #1 for "fidgety baby" but apparently others are talking and asking about their fidgety babies now.


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