Friday, August 28, 2009


I have some serious posts in mind... but it is hot*, and I'm 35 weeks pregnant, and I have a lot to do before the baby is born (right this minute, I should be printing out directions to day care for the people on call to go get Pumpkin if I go into labor during the work day)... so I'll just do yet another post about the cute things Pumpkin says.

My current favorite Pumpkinisms are:
  • "Hopen" instead of "open"
  • "Bobbin" instead of "bottom" (I think I've mentioned this one before. I love this one.)
  • "What happen to you, Mommy?" anytime I complain about anything. I complain a lot these days (see the comment above about being 35 weeks pregnant)
  • The way she starts sentences with "Hey!" and ends them with "though". As in "Hey, Mommy! I want some milk, though."
Pumpkin's speech is getting much clearer and more correct. I'm mourning the loss of a lot of Pumpkinisms. Yesterday, she was helping her Daddy look for "his" TV remote control, and I realized she actually says "remote" now. I miss her old pronunciation, which was "rowboat". Oh well.

*OK, not really. The high today in the coastal region where I live and work was probably 85 degrees F. Its cooled off nicely now, and is only 74 now. But I've been living in San Diego for a long time. We think we have a right to have our temperatures hover between 68 and 76 AT ALL TIMES. Go ahead. Laugh. I used to laugh at this, too, when I had just moved here from Chicago by way of Phoenix. But then I stayed too long, and now I need a jacket if it gets down to 66 and start turning fans on when it creeps up past 78.

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  1. I'm still new enough to California that I think everyone else is crazy for complaining about how hot/cold it is. I'm sure I will adjust soon enough.


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