Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Good Day

Yesterday, we took Pumpkin to the beach. She ran to the water before Hubby could even get his shoes off. This is such a difference from last year, when it took three visits before she'd even go down to the water.

Pumpkin splashed in the water a bit, but her main activity yesterday was carrying buckets of water from the bay to her spot on the sand. Once she got to her spot, she'd dump out the water, maybe play with one of her other toys for a bit, and then run back to get more water.

Hubby had bought her a boogie board this week, and he convinced her to go down and try laying on it while he pulled her. She never really got over her suspicion of that, so mostly she pulled it around after her. She had lots of fun doing that.

Pumpkin had lunch at the beach, and then took a brief turn on the nearby swing set. She fell asleep on the way home.

After her nap, she played outside a bit in her new playhouse- a mint condition hand me down from a colleague of mine whose girls have outgrown it. Pumpkin loves that house. I love that she'll play in it on her own, leaving me to sit in a chair and watch. I'd complained to Hubby about how uncomfortable our outdoor chairs are, so he got my camp rocking chair out and set it up (its a folding canvas chair, but with rockers on the bottom). As I sat in that, and watched Pumpkin bustle around her little house, it struck me that it had been a very good day.


Today, Hubby and my sister are taking Pumpkin to the zoo. She is excited to see the giraffes and the elephants and the flamingos (that last said in a cute way that I can't figure out how to transcribe). I was sad to kiss her goodbye and not go with them, but a proper visit the San Diego Zoo involves a lot of walking, and I'm not really up for that right now. I am huge, and achy, and can't believe I still have about 6 weeks to go on this pregnancy.

I have one chore to do (grocery shopping), but otherwise I am just supposed to rest. I will definitely do that. I might also go through the stacks of outgrown clothing and shoes that are piling up in Pumpkin's closet and put them in bags and boxes. This is a chore that absolutely can't be done when Pumpkin is around, because she wants to try on the shoes and she pulls her favorites of the clothes out of their neat stacks.

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