Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Conversation

Me (to Petunia): Come here, sweetie.
Pumpkin: No, she's not sweetie! I'm sweetie!
Me (to Pumpkin): You're right, sweetie. So what should I call her?
Pumpkin: She's Pumpkin!
Me: But you're my little Pumpkin. She's my Petunia!
Pumpkin: No, she's not a Petunia.
Me: What is she, then?
Pumpkin: Corn.
Me: Corn?
Pumpkin: Yes. Corn.

And really, what could I say to that?


  1. Haha!!! I love conversations like that.

  2. Too cute!
    So are you gonna call Petunia "Corn" from now on? Aw, my little niblet. It does have a nice ring to it.

  3. Oh dear. Corn? She's a little niblet! Oh wait. Nanette thought of that too.

    Niblet. Ha!


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