Monday, November 16, 2009

Ode to a Dishwasher

When Hubby said he wanted to make replacing our dishwasher a priority to get done before Petunia arrived, I rolled my eyes. We had a dishwasher. Sure, it sounded like it was doing a hand brake skid when it drained water, and it didn't do the best job on our glasses. But it was functional, which was more than I could say for the baby's future room. That was still an office at that point.

Still, he had done the research and picked out the line of dishwashers he thought we should consider. All I had to do was waddle around a showroom and help him decide which model in the line to get. My Mom arrived to help out with Pumpkin before (and after!) Petunia's birth. She took Pumpkin over to my sister's place for her first sleep over one night, and as part of our final pre-baby date night, Hubby and I went dishwasher shopping. Marriage is so romantic.

We picked out our dishwasher and arranged to have it delivered and installed. It was installed roughly two weeks after we brought Petunia home.

I owe my husband an apology for the eye rolling. The dishwasher is amazing. We ooh and aah over our glasses and plates as we unload the dishwasher- they are unbelievably clean. We load it up with all of our dishes now- not just the ones that aren't too dirty. We don't have to pre-rinse and wipe and soak. It doesn't have any exposed heating elements, so my pump parts and Petunia's bottle bits can go in it without worry. All of this saves us a considerable amount of kitchen clean up time. It is so quiet that it has to project a little red light onto the floor to let us know when it is running. And it uses hardly any water, which makes us happy both from an environmental and a financial standpoint.

Who knew that a household appliance could make us so happy?

I haven't received ANYTHING for this post. In fact, you'll notice that I didn't say what brand dishwasher we bought. In case anyone else wants to upgrade and doesn't have a husband who will do the ridiculous amount of research Hubby puts into any purchase, we bought a Bosch Ecosense. I forget which exact model- I think it was the middle of the line one. So we don't have the absolute quietest dishwasher available in America. But it is pretty darn close.


  1. Wait, I'm confused. Why would you want a quiet dishwasher when you have a newborn in the house?!? When my son was little, the white noise from our dishwasher had magical calming abilities that no other appliance had. We ran it nearly empty just to get my son to go to sleep. Plus, unlike the bathroom fan or the laundry, there were kitchen chairs nearby, and I could hold the baby in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, all while *sitting* *down*. My semi-loud dishwasher was a lifesaver!

  2. Fantastic! Good for you! It's amazing how much nicer a high-functioning new appliance can make daily life, huh?

  3. I thought of you this morning as I had to prewash a bunch of dishes and bowls before putting them in our crappy dishwasher, which is too small for all the dishes that need to go in and barely gets them clean. I think it's time to put a new dishwasher on the list of things to buy.

  4. We've been talking about buying a new one with tax money we get back this year. Ours is like a frieght train!


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