Thursday, January 14, 2010

Attention All Parents of Toddlers

You may have missed the new addition to my rather limited blog roll- the Child of Mine blog, in which a couple of developmental psychologists write about parenting issues. It is one of my new favorite blogs. This week, Isabel is tackling toddler discipline. I love this for two reasons- (1) I'm learning some useful things and (2) I get to cross "research discipline ideas" off of my to do list.

Isabel and her husband also have a book about when to time sleep training, based on their knowledge of child development. It is called Bedtiming, and the US edition has just been released. I am tempted to get it even if Petunia continues to be a good sleeper (we've had a bit of a setback with my return to work, or possibly because of the 3 month growth spurt, so I'm still not sure what kind of sleeper she's going to be, other than "easier than her sister"). The first few chapters are apparently a review of childhood development, which I think would be really interesting and useful.


  1. thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!
    I am so in need of this right now!

  2. I've been wanting to get that book. Based on what I've read just on her site, I waited to do the sleep training with the Pookie until just this last week or two.

    Her site is great and I love all the info she provides. I'm especially glad she changed the blog to branch out into all areas of child development! I'm just starting to read the disipline posts, and wow are they helpful!

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Thanks for the tip! My son is 2 and a couple of months and we're just starting to see some meaningful defiance.

  4. thank you for the link. I've just gone there and it's great!

  5. Hey Cloud! Thanks so much for the fabulous support! I really appreciate your words and the fact that you're getting useful information from the blog. It's especially nice to hear this review from a fellow mother AND scientist!


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