Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Traffic Reporting by Pumpkin

Here is a conversation I had with Pumpkin on the way home yesterday:

Me: Wow, we're making good time. We'll be home to Daddy and Petunia in no time!
Pumpkin: Because there are only a couple of other cars.
Me (confused): What?
Pumpkin: You can go fast because there are only a couple of other cars. Just a couple.
Me: Oh.
Pumpkin: When there are lots and lots of cars, you go slow.
Me: You're right.
Pumpkin: And that's nasty traffic.

I can't argue with her logic. And yes, I do frequently comment on the nasty traffic on our ride home.


  1. paola3:56 AM

    One of my favourite kids words.

    For a long time Noah thought it was 'asty', 'cos you know he would hear 'that's a nasty so and so' and assume you were saying, 'that's an asty so and so'. So he was all, 'look at that 'asty' witch'.

    He has finally worked it out now, I'm pleased to say.

  2. A guest was leaving our home recently, and my little girl told her: Be careful and DON'T BONK ANY CARS.


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