Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Back to Work

Today was my first day back at work. I'd say that it was easier than it was when I went back after Pumpkin was born, but that would be a lie, because I don't actually remember how easy or hard my first work day was after Pumpkin was born.

Things went relatively well today. I forgot my lunch, but remembered all the crucial things, like my breast pump. I seem to have drunk enough water to avoid the dehydration headache that I do remember from my early days back at work after Pumpkin was born.

Pumpkin was beyond excited that Mommy took her to day care today, and the smile I got when I picked her up reminded me why day care pick up was always my favorite time of the day.

Petunia is always so full of smiles that I couldn't really tell whether she was particularly happy to see me, but she did nurse for a long time. Of course, she tends to nurse a lot at about that time every day. It felt good to hold her.

So, despite the worries confessed to me by several coworkers today- I am back to stay. (My direct report and my boss both admitted to worrying that I might not come back. That was a nice little ego boost. It is nice to have been missed, especially since my direct report did an excellent job running things in my absence.) Now, I just have to figure out the routines and processes I need to make sure I have clean pump parts when I need them and don't leave my lunch on the counter every day.


  1. congratulations on making a smooth transition back to work!

    That is awesome your coworkers made you feel appreciated :)

    I got lazy with pumping at work for no. 2. With my first I boiled everything but almost set stuff on fire when I forgot the pot on the hotplate a few times. Then I just brought two pumps to work instead of washing one.

    With second babe I started refrigerating the pump after I used it and put it in a clean sterile plastic bag. That way I just pumped with the same pump.

    I figured if the milk in the bottle stayed fresh in the fridge so would the milk in the pump parts.

    It was very easy and I just sopped up drippy bits with a Kleenex before putting it in the bag for the fridge. (p.s. this was a hand pump, not electric).

    I saved cleaning/sterilizing the pump properly until I got home. No more burning down the office that way!

  2. Congratulations! I confess that part of me wishes I still worked in an office far away from home, instead of at home, such that "coming back from maternity leave" would feel a bit more like the actual transition it is.

    Yes, it was much, much easier with the second baby. As with so many things, really!

  3. Welcome back to the working world! (Not that you haven't been working as a mom!)

    I hope the transition continues to be smooth and that you remember you lunch. :-)

  4. paola4:01 AM

    How do you manage the pumping? How often do you do it to keep up with a voracious eater who feeds on demand? Have you had to put little Petunia on a schedule? Has going back to work affected her sleep?

    Hope these questions are not too inane. Seeing I was a SAHM who breastfed on demand I'm curious to know how it's done.


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