Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hurray for the Cavalry

Petunia is clearly reading this blog and didn't like all those comments suggesting that we nightwean her. Right after I wrote my last post, she decreased her milk intake and I'm actually a little ahead of her right now. Of course, she also got sick and I had to spend a day at home with her, and then she got an ear infection, so she probably wasn't wanting to eat much. Also, my supply jumped up a bit- possibly the fenugreek kicking in? Regardless, the big decision is postponed at least another week.

But, boy- the latest cold/ear infection really hit us hard. I was only sick for a day, but Petunia ranged from mildly cranky to screaming indignantly for several days. I was feeling sorry for myself, and started a whiny post called "The 10 Month Slump" about the back to back to back illnesses that hit around this time (when the baby starts crawling and can reach new germ-covered items to put in her mouth, I guess) and the supply drop and the just overall suckiness of it all. The last straw came on Monday night, when Petunia woke up at 10:30 and just outright refused to go back to sleep or stop scolding whichever parent was trying to hold her. I was so tired that I could barely form a sentence, let alone a plan for handling this development. Hubby was more coherent, so he took her for a long drive, and then slept with her on the sofa until 2 or so, at which point I nursed her and took over the "sleeping" with baby on sofa role. She'd seem to be completely asleep, but if so much as moved towards the bouncy chair I hoped to put her down in she would let out a high pitched, ear shattering squeal.

Tuesday morning, she had a fever of 101.5, so we called the doctor for an appointment and I called in the cavalry- my Mom.

The doctor confirmed the ear infection but said it was on the mend. She also discovered three (!) new teeth coming in- one we had seen towards the front and two more in the back. No wonder Petunia was mad at the world.

Mom flew in yesterday evening. She gave Pumpkin her bath and read her stories so that I could try to catch up on the work that had piled up on the day I was out. She tried to take the night shift with Petunia, but Petunia wouldn't have anything to do with that and demanded Daddy. I slept until my usual shift started at about 3. Then I was able to hand Petunia to my Mom at 5:30 this morning and get another 40 minutes of sleep (interrupted by Pumpkin's arrival in our bedroom to tell me that I had forgotten to bring the baby monitor with me).

I got to work early today, and powered through a large chunk of my to do list. I even had time to go to my yoga class.

I feel like a new woman. Hurray for cavalry!


  1. poor family!! thank god you're all pulling together and working it :)

    and poor baby with ear infection and teething. double evil.

    May this giant bump soon smooth out!

  2. Thank goodness for car drives, couches and the Cavalry! Babies are so hard. I know there's no other way but through it, but reading about parents still in the trenches sure makes me a tad less nostalgic for those sweet baby smells and sounds. :) Hope Petunia starts feeling better really soon!

  3. Hurray for helpful family members/close friends! They are the best!

    So sorry about all the sickness. Those teeth can be such killers! Thank goodness my boy does well with some ibprophen on nights like those. Usually.

  4. Hurrah for the cavalry indeed! I live right next door to my parents - both of whom are retired - and they have totally saved my bacon many a time. It makes it hard to contemplate moving. However, it can complicate things a little. My husband doesn't really get why I won't consider asking my parents to look after Miss Moo when I go back to work. I know they love her and would probably do it - BUT I would rather not impose on them. As one of my friends says, they didn't raise me just to raise my babies. Everyone will be happier if they stay the cavalry instead of turning into ordinary grunts.


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