Friday, September 17, 2010

A Slight Delay to Have a Really S&#@$ Day

My timetracking results are in, and I learned some interesting things (e.g., my time is very fragmented) and confirmed some not so surprising things (e.g., it would be nice if Petunia would sleep through the night).

I plan to write a post showing you all how I spent that week, and discussing what I learned from the exercise... but not tonight. I had an unbelievably bad day today. So bad that I had a beer with dinner rather than wait until after the girls are in bed (I'll have another one soon). So bad that Pumpkin has asked me twice why I'm so sad. I don't have a good answer for her. Um, well, honey, sometimes adults behave like three year olds... no, wait... that's not what I mean....Three year olds are delightful!

And I can't even blog it out- the majority of the reason it was such a bad day has to do with work, and things that I can't write about here.

However, the icing on the bad day was arriving at day care to discover that Pumpkin had three accidents, and having the center's associate director tell me that they may have to move her back down a room because she's not potty trained. To which I said- well, we could have told you that if you'd asked us before you moved her. Of course, at the time, she wasn't having accidents at day care. So they asked her teachers, who said she was fine and ready to move up. Rationally, I know that it will be no big deal if she's busted down a room for a while. But she has been so excited about the new room, and she's just loving the writing practice they do there. (She came home the very first day already able to write her own name- we'd been working on it with her, but couldn't get her to do it. Little did we know that the key was introducing lower case letters. Her name has two letters that she can write as lowercase but can't write well as uppercase.) And all of her friends are in that room with her. I know she'll be sad to be moved down. Which may be exactly what we need to get the potty training done, I suppose.

People who know me in real life: don't worry. I'm OK. I'm not in danger of being fired or anything like that- far from it. And I'm not going to do anything drastic like make a big dramatic speech and storm out of my job never to return. But I might daydream about that this weekend!


  1. Andrea5:38 AM

    Hope today is a better work day!

  2. Sorry about the rough day. That sucks. Hopefully you had a better weekend though!

    The Montessori school where we started our girl just told us that they only use lowercase letters, mainly because that is the majority of the letters that people read, so that is what they really should be learning first. I had never thought of it that way before.

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Sorry about the rough day at work - those become especially difficult to deal with when non-work things go awry. Hopefully this week gets better!!

  4. sympathies for being run roughshod.. Mothering and working can take so much out of you sometimes. Soak up the good stuff in your life to re-energize!!

    That would be really nice if your daughter's friends and writing practice act as positive motivation for her to work through the bladder issue!!!


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