Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Good Things

Petunia may have learned how to say "cracker", which is her favorite food (she likes the graham variety). Today at the end of dinner, she got fussy and started looking over at the buffet next to our table, where we keep a tupperware container of graham crackers. We finally caught on and gave her a graham cracker, which made her smile. We said "cracker" and signed it. When she wanted another one (we give them to her one quarter at a time), she fussed and looked and got another cracker, prompting another big grin. Again, we said "cracker" and signed it. About halfway through her second cracker, she looked at us and said "daa-duh", took a bite of her cracker, and gave us a big grin. She repeated this three or four times. We'll see what she does tomorrow night when she wants a cracker!


Both of our girls tend to behave really well on vacation. We think it is because they are so busy seeing new things that they forget to be cranky. So yesterday, we decided to behave a bit like we were on vacation. After all, we live in a vacation spot! We picked up my sister and drove across to Coronado, and played for awhile at the playground mentioned in yesterday's Zenbit.

One of the things we noticed on our Oregon trip was that brewpubs make excellent family dining. They almost always have a kids menu, the general hubbub drowns out any noise the kids make, and the beers make the adults happy. So we went to the Coronado Brewing Company for lunch. The food was standard brewpub fare, done more than adequately. Hubby and my sister enjoyed their beers, and I enjoyed eating out.

We finished off our mini-excursion with a trip to the Hotel del Coronado. We had drinks on their sun deck (margaritas for the drinkers, lemonade for me and Pumpkin). Then Hubby and my sister took Pumpkin down to the beach to put her feet in the water and appreciate the glitter effect of the sand in the water. (For some reason, the sand at this beach looks like gold glitter when it is in the water. It is very pretty.)

I stayed up on the sidewalk with Petunia. She was a little annoyed at the wait and desperately wanted down to crawl around. Given the bike and foot traffic on the sidewalk, there was no way that was going to happen. So I gave her Pumpkin's Dora straw cup to play with. And she figured out how to drink out of the straw! I was impressed.

After the beach visit, we headed back to our car and went home. The girls napped, and Hubby and I congratulated ourselves on a great day out.


Finally, Hubby has found us more fun things on the internetz:

And we just wasted far too much time checking out some of their other covers. I so want to see these guys play sometime!


  1. paola4:53 AM

    Must be that Kiwis have a similar sence of humour to the Aussies, cos your hubby's clips always get a laugh out of me. Keep them coming.

  2. The drummer was your hubby's favorite, wasn't he?

  3. Genius! I live in a vacation destination, too, with good weather to be outside this time of year. We are going to check out some cheap/free local sites this weekend for sure. And possibly a brewhouse, too.

  4. I love poking around Coronado. We should do that more often. Looks like a great day.

    Oh, I'm second graham crackers being tops! :)

  5. What a great idea! We haven't gone down to the museums and done the tourist bit in so very long. I am going to propose that for this weekend!

    Love that video. What a great version of that song!

  6. @Paola- I have a hole backlog of stuff he's sent me. I'll try to post more often.

    @Autumn- yeah, the drummer was pretty good. At first I thought he was just "in the zone"- sometimes when I'm concentrating on playing something, I get a spaced out, staring into space look. But then it became clear that it is part of the act. Brilliant.

  7. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I blame your hubby for me being completely unproductive at work today. Am loving the Cleverlys!


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