Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mystery Solved

I was feeling better yesterday, even without doing any yoga. Which is a good thing, because I spent the entire day cleaning the house and sorting through toys and baby clothes, and I still didn't finish- so no yoga for me.

Around 3 p.m., Hubby called and asked me how I was doing. I told him fine, and rattled off everything I'd cleaned or organized. He said he wasn't feeling well at all- he had chills and aches. I told him I'd pick up the girls at day care. I had to go up that way anyway to pick up my severance check. Later, after he got home, he told me it felt like his vestigial tail hurt. And then he moped around the house for the rest of the evening. He did have the grace to look a little sheepish when I pointed out that these were the same symptoms I had the day before, which he'd laughed at and said were due to my advanced age. His defense was that he'd explained it better. Whatever.

His stomach is still bothering him, too, so he's coming home after he drops something off at work. I'm not sure what this does to our Thanksgiving plans, but I guess I'll still cook the turkey no matter what. I bought a fancy brined one, and I'd hate it to go to waste!

Meanwhile, I'd better get to work on cleaning the rest of the house. I predict that just after I scrub the bathrooms (again), Pumpkin will get sent home with an upset tummy. Also, that as soon as I finish, something that I cleaned in the first wave will be dirty again. Housework sucks.


  1. Whoa! That sounds like a LOT of cleaning and organizing on top of ILLNESS.... next time you have a day alone at home, please give yourself permission to nap, and read, and to do a little something just for yourself. ;)

  2. Do your kids grow so fast that you are in a constant cycle of boxing up the too small clothes and hauling out the next size up? It's a never ending job of sorting and sorting and sorting until you're nauseous from all that pink.

    I've got an advanced freakin' clothes recycling system around here, complete with trips back and forth to my sister's house. My neice is in between Annie and Rosie's ages and is part of the clothing recycling system.

    Oh, and I love it when husbands eat their words. HA!

  3. Ohhhh, sorry about the illness and hope it all passes quickly. I just got over a cold/flu thing myself--it was nearly a week and sucked. My littlest has a snotty nose now, but she doesn't seem bothered by it. Unlike me, colds seems to have no effect on her energy levels.

    Yes, and HA to husbands eating their words...

  4. 'Housework sucks'

    Amen to that sister. I spent my Saturday hauling everything out of the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen in order to clean thoroughly and ditch all the crappy old cake tins and random bits of plastic that have accumulated over the last few years. It killed me to cook dinner tonight as I hadn't really finished and I was messing it up already!

  5. "His defense was that he'd explained it better. Whatever."

    Haha! Don't you love it when that happens?


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