Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Funny, Universe

On Thursday night, Petunia started sleeping like a champ. Hurray! The universe heeded my request!

Ha. Not so fast.

Saturday morning the diarrhea started. Poor Petunia has never had a tummy bug before, and she is not at all impressed with the experience. And my plans to start tapering off pumping? On hold until her stomach is all better.

She seems to be feeling better now, but her diapers are still not "day care quality", so she is home with me today. I still have errands to run and chores to do to get ready for Thanksgiving. This morning, she helped me sort through the bags of hand me downs and find more clothes for her to wear. Then she came shopping to Trader Joe's for our Thanksgiving turkey and associated needs. She had a blast- the girl loves to shop. Actually, I think she just loves to go out on trips. She got very excited when she saw me putting my shoes on, and she giggled as I strapped her into her car seat. She was a huge hit at the store, charming everyone who caught her eyes. She does have an irresistible smile...

She's napping now. Maybe we'll get some play time in after lunch. But now, I think I'll take a nap myself. Because last night? She woke up every two hours.


  1. Hey what a small world. Annie has a stomach bug too! Oh yay! Except her food is coming out the same way it went in. No diapers for that. Like diapers work for diarrhea anyway...

  2. What does it mean to have diapers that are not "day care quality"? Hope the worst is over - that is so sucky.

  3. @Melba, I saw. I'm sorry!

    @hush- kids can't go to day care if they have diarrhea, which my day care defines as more than 3 not solid diapers in a short period of time. On Sunday, I changed 6 diapers before morning snack....


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