Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Quick Update

The talk went well- in fact, I actually picked up a job lead from it. This has been a very strange job search. I have hardly done anything, and I have two or three good leads and at least two other jobs I should be pursuing to try to turn them into leads. But I had lunch with the hiring manager for one of the leads today and I'll be going in for an interview there soon. Nothing is certain until I have a signed employment contract in hand, but that lunch felt more like a recruitment than anything else.

This is how I know that the economy is picking up. People, I am good, but not THAT good. I guarantee that if I had been laid off a year ago my situation would be a lot bleaker.

I'll write a real post soon, I promise. But this afternoon is scheduled housewife time. I just cleaned the bathrooms and am off to bake bread to go with dinner....

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