Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Kids Are Cute Edition

We're midway through the final weekend of one of the big, high profile projects I mentioned in my post about "big careers" and work-life balance (a.k.a. "the mental load post"). We're bringing it in on time, too. I don't have many hands on tasks this weekend, but I am on call if there are issues, and I need to monitor my email. And it has been a grueling week. So let's have some lightweight weekend reading links, all about cute kids.

First, Mommyshorts has had a couple of really funny posts about the words toddlers mispronounce.

Then, Parisienne Mais Presque writes about house hunting with a preschooler.

And finally, my husband found this video that I'll be sure to think of next time I'm complaining about how Petunia climbs on the things:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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