Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Short and Funny Edition

Today is my husband's birthday, and my parents are here to watch the kids while he and I get some alone time this weekend- so I'll keep this short. And funny.

I found this Cracked post about how The Karate Kid ruined us all via another post about things that rich people shouldn't say.  I don't remember how I found the first post, but I will note that it references the same article about rich people in Toronto that set Scalzi off on the rant that I liked so much.

On a completely different subject: this video came from the birthday boy, who swears that they used to show sheepdog trials on prime time TV when he was growing up in New Zealand:

To be honest, I get the giggles just thinking about the fact that sheepdog trials were once considered prime time viewing. But I think the video is funny even without that background.


  1. On a weird note, it's my husband's birthday today too ;) Happy birthday Cloud's hubby :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Cloud! and Mr. @Anandi! Cool coincidence.

    Loved that 'things the rich should not say' link - "It's gotten to where I can barely afford my daily cigar rolled in the tanned flesh of a forsaken child." ;)

  3. Anonymous3:21 AM

    I'm British, and in case it helps to know, they really do show sheep dog trials on TV here!

  4. Saturday is my birthday. :) Sadly my husband is still at work... first all-nighter in probably more than a decade. Poor darling.

  5. Happy birthday to all!

    Loved the sheep dog trials - I was asked about multi-cultural resources at Moo's daycare last week, maybe I should offer that up?!?

    And I liked the cracked article too - funny, yet true. It's a bit of a media/political theme here at the moment too. The Australian Treasurer has been on the attack against various mining magnates: "We can't afford to let the market system or the political system conversation be undermined by the greed of a wildly irresponsible few" - which is not really winning him friends in business.

  6. Oh, I've seen the sheep dog trials on TV. They crack me up. Sorry, I can't help it. TO be fair, rodeo on TV cracks my husband up and seems perfectly normal to me.

    Happy birthday, @Nicoleandmaggie! And happy belated birthday, @Anandi's husband!

  7. After getting in this morning at 10am, then sleeping for a few hours, DH made me the most awesome wonderful flourless chocolate cake with vanilla whipped cream and raspberries. I have the BEST husband in the whole wide world. But I don't think the (enciente) baby is going to sleep at all tonight after I had two pieces. Kick kick kick! The Callebut he used is pretty hard-core.

  8. My husband & I would totally watch reruns or dvds of old "One Man & His Dog" shows if we could get them. We're tv nerds. (You should see us tracking down Dr Who & Misfits eps--we don't have cable (or even a reasonable amount of free time for actually watching series tv, really)--and I'm not even gonna go into trying to get the new Dirk Gently series in hand.) Anyway, I made DH watch this video with me & we both agree: payoff is totally worth it. Thanks!

  9. @eta- glad you liked it!

    We've gotten hooked on Gently, too- our PBS station showed the early series. But we missed a couple, so we've discovered that we can get them on our Roku via Amazon, although we do have to pay for those. We don't watch much TV, and honestly, if it weren't for the rugby, which is only shown here on one channel that we have to have Direct TV to get, we'd ditch our cable/satellite and just go with the Roku. It is pretty awesome.

  10. @Cloud: I had no idea Amazon's play-it-now had the Dirk Gently series available over here--I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up! (Maybe I can get an idea about if it'll ever show up on Netflix or Hulu. Or maybe I'll just have to be a grownup & deal with the Amazon, despite my recent bout of Amazon-avoidance. Ah, the narcissism of small differences! (I always mis-remember that quote as "tyranny of tiny differences," which I think is more catchy, but sadly I know is less accurate.))
    Thanks again!


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