Friday, March 02, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Making Cool Things Edition

My links this week all have ideas about how to go ahead and try to do whatever cool thing you dream of doing. I figured they would fit right in with the theme of the week, since I wrote about combining my ambition with motherhood.

First up, this amazingly succinct post, aimed primarily at techies who want to build something cool, also contains the secret to effective networking, for everyone- techie, or not. Go read it. It is short and spot on. Also read it if you already know how to network and despair for the youth of today. This guy gets it, and he's just barely out of college.

The next post is quite a bit longer, but it is funny, which compensates for the length. And it is packed full of interesting ideas. It is like a 12 step program for making it in the "new economy", with each step illustrated by a story about someone who did something cool. I suspect that there are a lot of ideas in it that are relevant to people trying to make it in the "old economy," too, but I'm too tired to parse that out right now.

Finally, after reading my post on the logistics of having it all, FeMOMhist had the brilliant idea of setting up a blog carnival in which a bunch of us write posts about how we make our lives work, and tying that in with Blog for International Women's Day, which has a theme of "Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures." I am really honored that the post I thought was a sort of dull look at the minutiae of my life inspired her to make something cool- because I think a bunch of posts that show a bunch of different ways to build the life you want is going to be pretty cool. So, go take a look at FeMOMhist's post on this, and if you are so inclined, sign up to participate. If you want to participate and don't have a blog, I'd be happy to put up a guest post.

So- go forth and do cool things! Or have a good weekend, anyway.

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  1. The blog carnival should be fascinating. I love reading about people's schedules. It would be even better if people kept actual time logs, but hey.


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