Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Parenting Edition

I revived this blog from near-dead a little over five years ago because I wanted a place to write about being a mom. My focus has evolved a bit over the years, and I don't write that many true "parenting blog" type posts anymore. I probably should- nowhere else will I record how Petunia and Pumpkin run down the hall to see the garbage truck when they hear it coming, with Petunia yelling "huwwy, huwwy!" But for whatever reasons, those posts don't compel me to sit down at my keyboard and type.

And yet, I still love the glimpse the blogosphere gives into other people's parenting lives. There is an honesty that is hard to get in real life, either because people are trying to present an image of being a "perfect" family or because they are worried abut talking to much about their kids. Since Thanksgiving to me is a holiday about family, I've decided to put up links to some of my favorite of the parenting posts I've read recently.

First up, Antropologa with some observations on language acquisition in different cultures. I love her son's Swenglish (is that a word?) construction of "bye da!" (Sorry, I am too lazy to get the proper character there- the unadorned a will have to do.)

Tragic Sandwich has a different take on toddler communication, and the troubles with it. It is a post that perfectly captures the uncertainty and difficult decisions of average, everyday parenting. She has a much funnier post, too, with her toddler's rules for life.

The always excellent Julie at A Little Pregnant has a very funny summation of the arguments against the age four.

Cara Mama's back! Hers was one of the first blogs I read, and it went silent for awhile. I'm thrilled to see her posting again. And I loved this story about her little boy and vanquishing a bad guy with kisses.

Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project blog is not really a parenting blog, but I loved her recent post about treating herself like a toddler. Cloud gets cranky if she doesn't have her meals on time, and often has trouble with crowds.

This last link is from CNN, so neither a parenting site nor a blog. And it has nothing to do with parenting, really, but is about family and it made me say "Awwwww...." so I'm including it. It is a story about how people are using Facebook to reunite photos they have found in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with their proper owners.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. Thanks for the double shout-out! I'm sure I'll be following up on both of those posts in the (reasonably) near future.

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