Friday, November 09, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Things I Liked Edition

OK, OK, so "things I liked" isn't really a category for a links post, but I ran out of ways to say "a mishmash of unrelated posts".

At first I thought I'd have a "parenting is hard" theme.  John Schwartz' Big Idea post on Whatever sounds interesting, both from the parenting perspective and from the perspective of someone who has an inner voice that isn't always kind.

And Julie at A Little Pregnant has another excellent post about her parenting challenges. This line is so true: "Sometimes I forget how the process of writing allows me arrive at my own real feelings."

But then I came across this video of Rachel Maddow saying things very much like I said in my rare political post, only much better:

And I thought I'd have this be the "Other People Say It Better" edition.

But then I came across two fun Disney-related things, and just gave up on categorization.

First, I followed a link on Nicoleandmaggie's blog to Little Professor's blog, and then I followed a link to her highly amusing list of new Disney films ideas.

And Mr. Snarky sent the link to this rendition of Princess Leia being welcomed into the Disney Princess fold. Personally, I wanted more snark, but it is still diverting:



  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Ohhh, that Rachel Maddow link all of a sudden makes the other night's Colbert Report that much funnier. Those are the lists of facts they were talking about!

  2. "...And the moon landing was real..." lol! I love me some Rachel Maddow so very much!

  3. I spent Wed evening at a poetry reading and both poets read poems that dealt with Ken and Barbie! I'm hoping that Victoria Chang does a blog tour and reads her poems about her life in the sandwich generation when her latest volume of poetry comes out next year.


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