Saturday, November 03, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Really Short Edition

Budgets were due this week, and I had so many meetings that I basically had to cede defeat and accept that any actual work I did was going to have to be done at home, after the kids were in bed. And of course, there were TWO Halloween parades to go to (they were both very cute), and the trick-or-treating... and Petunia got a fever, and woke up miserable and crying at 2 a.m. both Wednesday and Thursday and refused to either go back to sleep or be comforted by either Mr. Snarky or my Mom, who'd flown over to watch Petunia during the day. So I haven't had a lot of time to read things on the internet.

All of which is my excuse for why I just have a few links for you this week.

I found this post of Jonniker's about being average via One Tired Ema. I like her point about how life is not a fairy tale on more than just the "no prince charming comes and solves all your problems" level. And how its OK to "just" have an average life.

The Gothamist has been running photos of the devastation Sandy caused around NYC. There are links to the other photo essays from the one on the Rockaways. The photos are so sad. Between those and Maria and Snickollet's wonderful and honest answers to Moxie's recent post about solo caregiving, I am feeling grateful for my life, crazy work schedule and all. There are a lot of harder challenges than having too many budget meetings.

Judging by my calendar, I might actually get to sit at my desk during the work day next week, so maybe there will be more links next weekend.

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  1. My grandmother and mother grew up in Rockaway. That's where I learned to swim and ride my bike. :(

    All my friends and family in NY/NJ/MA are okay though so I'm trying to think more about that.


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