Friday, December 07, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Management Edition

This seems to be "talk about work" week here, so I might as well end with a set of links I've been gathering on management-y things.

First up, an interesting article by Kevin Oschner about how to effectively give advice and guidance without undermining the recipient

Then, an article by Daniel Isenberg about how governments should focus on policies that will help companies scale up, not just on policies to help entrepreneurs start companies.

Next, a post by Pawel Brodinski that uses an analogy with large-scale cooking to explain some fundamental issues in project management, which is sort of the inverse of how I use project management techniques to get my Thanksgiving dinner on the table on time.

That post led me to a post from the same author about why slack time is useful for improving productivity.

Finally, an article from Jackie and John Coleman about the benefits of downtime (which is different from slack time.)

In related news, my post about rebuilding my career capital has inspired a couple of interesting posts elsewhere. Oil and garlic is making 2013 the year to focus on her career and Laura Vanderkam wrote about some additional ideas for rebuilding career capital over at CBSNews MoneyWatch.

Also, I started a page of links about productivity. I'll add to it as  I find relevant articles.

And now.... it is time for me to stop thinking about work-related things for awhile! I hope you all have a good weekend. 

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