Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kid Art Display Hack

I am inordinately pleased with a recent innovation in our display method for our kids' artwork, so I thought I'd share it with you:

Our back door just got cuter...

Those are medium size 3M hooks with medium binder clips hanging off of them, clipped to the artwork. Each kid currently gets two hooks, but clearly there is room to expand. (As you might guess from the side of the refrigerator visible on the right hand side of the picture, we're not very good at just throwing the kids' art out without first displaying it for awhile.)

Credit where credit is due... this idea was Mr. Snarky's. I just implemented it.

However, the long term art storage solution was my idea- each kid has a art portfolio book, in which we store our favorite pieces of art and writing. Our not so favorite pieces either get thrown out or claimed by the kid. Both like to decorate their doors. We use blue tack for that.

Any organizational hacks you want to share? Do so in the comments.


  1. We started taking photos of the kids' art. We keep some too in a portfolio, but it makes us less pack-ratty about the art. So this year for Christmas we made their grandparent a shutterfly photo book of their art. This was especially nice for long-distance Granny who never gets to see any of their work. I also took pictures of us engaged in art projects to include in the book.

  2. For those really special pieces have a look at for some other ways to display your kid's art around the house (or the grandparents house).


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