Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekend Reading: The Hooray for Learning Edition

This week's links are all about how learning things is good:

First, Bad Mom Good Mom has an awesome post about using thermodynamics to heat your home, which I loved. We've also been known to let the kids' bathwater hang out in the tub all evening, to help keep the house warm.

I also really enjoyed Laura Vanderkam's article about self help books. I am not a huge consumer of self help books, but I don't completely avoid the genre, either. I don't think I would ever adopt the "program" advocated by a self help book completely and uncritically, but they do sometimes have helpful ideas, which I can incorporate into my life.

Changing gears completely, Dan McKinley has a post about the dangers of thinking that correlation implies causation and overinterpreting A/B tests.

Despite the risk over overinterpretation, it is still good to gather and analyze data... as this article about Google HR makes clear. I think this is the only article that has ever made me think a job in HR would be cool.

Finally, I could try to invent some link with my theme this week, but it would be a lie. I just think that this building is really cool.

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  1. The article is making you think an HR job could be cool, because they're dealing with HR scientifically...and because Google actually responds to HR's recommendations. My husband has been bugging me to apply to Google for a few months now, I suspect I would be really happy there...


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