Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Work Here is Done

Yesterday, Petunia insisted on coming with me to Pumpkin's gymnastics class. So instead of an hour to sit and read (or write!) I had an hour of trying to keep a 3 year old entertained while also occasionally checking in on Pumpkin's progress in the class.

Luckily, I remembered to bring my Kindle Fire this time. Unfortunately, some of Petunia's favorite apps are ad-supported and wouldn't work without network. (Note to self: make sure to pay for the ad-free versions in the future.) She enjoyed playing a matching game for awhile, and also had fun with an app called Slice It (which, incidentally, can also amuse Pumpkin and Mr. Snarky for long periods- I recommend it.) But she got bored with the games, and so I suggested we look at a book- we have quite a few kids books loaded on the Fire.

We picked Secret Agent Josephine's ABC's because Petunia is in a letter-noticing phase right now.

The picture on the "V" page is of a vacuum cleaner. Petunia looked at it and said "V! For vacuum! Daddy has one of those!"


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Yay! Vacuuming is manswork here at casa grumpy as well. Our vacuum even looks like something a storm trouper would use to get dust out of the corners of the death star.

    We have an adorable picture of my much younger son vacuuming the kitchen after he asked if he could help daddy.

  2. Nice. Whatever happens at work, at least you know that you've raised some girls who don't make the usual gender assumptions.

  3. Petunia FTW!

  4. Alexicographer5:49 AM

    Yay! Vacuuming is man's work at our house as well. Not boy's work, though, DS and I both agree the vacuum is too loud to be tolerable (we will sweep).

  5. My husband vacuums, too. In general, he engages in chores that involve tools -- snowblower, lawn mower and leaf blower, vacuum -- and don't involve other people or their byproducts. We have really fancy vacuum cleaners by Dyson (one is a hand-held) and only he operates them because he wants them handled just so. When I vacuum, I use our old one to avoid him huffing and puffing about how I misuse his baby!

  6. Ha ha, same with us! I rarely touch the vacuum, definitely a daddy job. But my boys like to "vacuum" with their little popping push-toy, so I guess they don't realize it is a horrendous chore.

  7. Nice!
    I confess that our vacuum almost never actually gets used - we have a cleaning service and they bring their own (which our daughter then doesn't even see in action); we might use the swiffer or a broom to get up dog hair or tidy the kitchen floor in between visits. Our daughter probably thinks of the vacuum as a piece of sculpture rather than something used by any member of the family.

  8. Re:'s heavy and makes a lot of noise..definitely something that 'should' be a man's chore! If they would add blinking lights and music, my boys would be all over it.

  9. the milliner7:16 PM

    Win all around, I'd say :). I'm the vacuumer here. But happy that DH is the bathroom cleaner.

  10. Interesting that vacuuming is done by the men in so many homes!

    @Jennifer- we have a cleaning service, too, so our vacuum cleaner comes out rarely.

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