Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Reading: The Cool Things Edition

I have a growing group of links about entrepreneurship, but I'm in the mood for something more lightweight tonight. I need to remind myself of some cool things, since I've had a rough week with the whole labyrinth thing and then this morning I got email from some jerk spammer spoofing UNICEF (for some reason, this really infuriates me- using kids in need of help to try to trick me into giving out my personal info just seems like a new low, even for spammers). AND I think I'm going to have to turn CAPTCHAs back on here because I'm getting 10-20 spam comments per day. Only about 30-50% are getting past the spam filter, but I can't tell which are getting through without going and looking, and that is sucking time. So... CAPTCHAs go back on. Sorry for the eye strain, everyone. Blame the spammers.

And to restore my faith in humanity, you get a bunch of links to things I thought were cool. Entrepreneurship can wait until next week.

First of all, I cannot even say how much I love this story about the hairdresser who wrote a scholarly article on ancient hairstyles. There are so many layers of cool in this one, it makes me happy just to think about it.

Next, this story about how Diageo drastically reduced its carbon footprint reminds me of the good things that people can accomplish as part of a large company. Big companies get vilified a lot in our culture, but they can do some cool things.

Finally, this statistical analysis of the fate of different shirt colors in Star Trek is just all around awesome. (Thanks to @betzsteve for finding this one.)

Got anymore cool stuff for me? Leave it in the comments. Assuming you can read the CAPTCHA, of course.

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Sorry for the CAPTCHA, folks. The spammers were stealing too much of my time.