Friday, July 04, 2014

Weekend Reading: The Catching Up Edition, Continued

Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers, and happy Friday to everyone else. We're back from watching the fireworks, and it is Mr. Snarky's turn to get the kids to bed, so I can post some links for those of you who want something to read this weekend.

This week's links are all items I came across, marked as great... and then forgot to include in my weekend reading posts. Since I am in a "catching up" sort of mode, I thought this week would be a good week to share them.

Since its the 4th of July, let's start with some American history... although it isn't the sort that will make you want to wave your flag. Josh Marshall at the Talking Points Memo posted about yet another piece of American history I didn't learn in school.

Alexis Madrigal had a nice piece at The Atlantic reminding us all that tech isn't all brogrammers. I'd add: it isn't just Silicon Valley, and there is a lot of interesting tech work happening in companies that aren't "tech companies." So, if you like computers but hate the youth and start up obsessed culture you read about whenever anyone writes about tech... there is more to it than that.

Do you remember the Florida teenager who was charged with a felony for a science experiment that went a bit wrong? Here is a follow up with how she and her twin sister are doing now.

There was a post on Tenure, She Wrote from someone with quite a dilemma: accept a great fieldwork opportunity with a man who was acting a bit creepy? Or pass on it, and the career advantages it would bring? I think this highlights an issue a lot of guys don't realize exists- even in less extreme situations than described in the post, women often have to make calculations of career benefits vs. potential risks to our safety. Not all creeps turn out to be dangerous, and sometimes all roads to career success seem to involve some level of dealing with creeps. It is not always clear what to do.

Speaking of things that aren't always clear: if you somehow missed the New Yorker piece on the dangers of negotiating, it is definitely worth a read. I can't help but point out: I've ranted on this exact topic before.

And, for the upbeat ending, here is an amusing Russian ad:

Also, if you ever played Dungeons and Dragons, you're likely to find the Cubicles and Careers series pretty funny. Each episode is short, so you can watch them all. Here's the first episode. I trust you can find the rest on your own.

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  1. That Cubicles and Careers episodes was hilarious, W.

    I love your link collections. I can never figure out how folks find such great things on the internet (I"m completely inept at this) so I rely on the link lists of others.

    It's Happy Friday in Rome, and I have to say I always enjoy being out of country during American holidays. But I've also been away from home 2 months today. (Yikes!) It's beyond time to get home.


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