Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend Reading: The OMG It Is Already Friday Edition

This week went by rather quickly, and here it is Friday afternoon. I made some decent progress this week. The mobi formatted version of my job search ebook is with my editor for proofreading. I should be able to get the review copies out to the people who volunteered to be reviewers next week. I'll also put up a post with the cover and the release date next week. I think I'm close enough to done that I can pick a release date and stick to it. It will be in early September.

In other news, I heard that Petunia, the Girl Who Was NOT a Princess (my second kids' book) will be out in late October. I'm really excited about that, too, and have some fun things planned to go with that release. Details to come along a little closer to the date.

I also plugged through a lot of admin things, setting up my backups, registering fictitious business names for my first projects, and sorting out a mistake I made when I set up my web hosting. All of these things were easier than expected (except the fictitious business names, which were as easy as I expected, since I'd done one before for my contracting work). So that was good.

I was talking to a friend about all of these things, and she wondered how she could keep up with all the various things I'm doing. I realized that I had no easy way for her to hear about what I'm doing, and that strikes me as a problem. I am still a Facebook hold out, and don't really want to get active there. So I am now thinking about setting up an email newsletter. All the cool kids seem to be doing that these days. I'll probably post about that next week, too.

But this is supposed to be a links post! So here are some links:

This post from Wray Herbert about the importance of having a conscientious spouse isn't really surprising, but it is nice to see data to support our intuition. It also reminds me of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote that has been floating around lately, about how having a spouse who took her work as seriously as his made all the difference. Of course, I cannot find that quote right now. If you can, put it in the comments!

Speaking of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she is one of the few prominent white leaders I've seen speak about Ferguson. Talking Points Memo has an excerpt of her comments.

I'm not sure what to say about the fact that some undergrads at North Carolina State University have invented nail polish that changes color when exposed to Rohypnol. Good invention, I guess. Sucks that we need it.

Speaking of which, this quote from a college guy (in this Salon article) made my head explode:

"Some men feel that too much responsibility for preventing sexual assault has been put on their shoulders."


Matthew Yglesias' article about white-on-white crime is so good.

This is a really, really good story from Matt Zoller Seitz about what white privilege really means.

This essay by Amy Salloway may make you think twice before mocking a picture of someone on the internet.

Brooke Davis' piece about meeting people whose homes are being lost to climate change is very good.

I also really like Ed Yong's story about an athlete who tracked down the mutation underlying her rare genetic disorders.

That's all I have this week. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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