Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Here, There, and Everywhere

It turns out that I can indeed have a pre-order page on Amazon, as long as I have my book finalized. I made the last edits to the job search ebook this morning (someone caught a place where I wrote "Iooking" instead of "looking" and I realized I should probably mention my other short ebook in the "About the Author" section) and then I set to work uploading the files to the various websites.

Long story short- here's the Amazon pre-order page for Navigating the Path to Industry. Woo hoo!

The Kobo pre-order page is coming soon. The Nook edition... may take a bit longer. I'm having some formatting issues with their publication site. I've sent a help request in. They say they'll get back to me in a couple of days. Next, I'll start working on the iBooks edition and look into whether I can get the book into Overdrive for libraries to order.

I decided to publish this book through my company, and am therefore also setting up a website and social media presence for my company, to use in conjunction with this and other projects.

As I busily created accounts and configured sites, it occurred to me that my social media presence has gotten a bit scattered. For someone who at one point steadfastly refused to separate her work and personal social media presence, I now seem to have a lot of accounts. Ah well. My opinions evolved.

Still, I feel the need to tell you all where you can find me talking about various topics. So, here is a list of places to find me:

I have an Amazon author page. I still find that a bit weird, but I have three books on it (and will soon be adding a fourth- my second kids' book), so I suppose I should just get over that.

The Amazon author page is linked to the Twitter account that I use for my management and productivity tweeting, and other things I want associated with my real name. If you can't be bothered to pull the twitter address from that page and want me to send it to you along with the link to the blog that I use to write about those same topics, send me an email (wandsci at gmail dot com). I'm aiming to publish a new post on that blog roughly once a month. There are two posts so far, and the next one (about taking over a project in flight) will go up after I get past the book release craziness.

I also write about short ebooks and related topics at I post a new recommendation for a short ebook every Wednesday, a new recommendation for a collection of short writing on the first Thursday of every month, and a new quote from one of the books I've recommended every Friday. I also write blog posts about short ebooks as the mood strikes me. Those tend to go up on Sundays. I have lots of social media presence for this endeavor, all under the Tungsten Hippo moniker. I'm most active on Twitter (@tungstenhippo), but you can also find me on Tumblr, Facebook, and Pinterest. I've brought Tungsten Hippo into my corporate fold, but so far I've only made $21 (from affiliate links), and doubt it will ever actually cover its own expenses. It is more a labor of love than a business endeavor. It is also the place where I experiment with marketing ideas.

Speaking of marketing, I have set up a couple of things for the new business. The business name is Annorlunda Enterprises, Inc. The Twitter account is @AnnorlundaInc, and there is also a Pinterest account of the same name. I haven't done much with either account yet, but that is where I'll announce new projects and the like. I'm sure I'll also mention them here, just perhaps less frequently. Once the new company website is ready for prime time, I'll tweet it out from @AnnorlundaInc, too.

I have one final place where you can find me. I decide to start a newsletter for Annorlunda Enterprises- sort of. It is really more of a personal newsletter. It is called Founding Chaos, and you can subscribe at I plan to send it out once a month. It will focus on the founding of Annorlunda Enterprises- why I'm doing it, how I'm doing it, and what my plans for it are. I will also share links from my other accounts (but not this one) and of course, include announcements of new projects and releases. I am also running a mini-contest of sorts- right before I send the first newsletter, I'll pick on subscriber at random and offer him or her one of my ebooks for free. It is winner's choice which one. Sign up soon if you're interested in the contest. I'm planning to post my first newsletter next Friday.

I think that is it. It seems like enough! Despite all of these new outlets, I intend to keep writing here, about the usual mix of topics. The only exception is that I'll probably write less about management and productivity. If you are interesting in those topics, you should follow me on the other blog.

None of this would have happened without the readership I've built here. I appreciate you all more than I can properly express. Thanks for reading, and for following along on my various adventures. There are more adventures to come- but maybe not more accounts.

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  1. BTW, some parts of this post may end up redacted in about a week or two. I may decide I don't want to talk about the company by name on this blog.


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