Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mysteries of the Universe

Some mysteries of the universe, the answers to which I will probably never know:

1. Why can't I find a bra that fits me and is comfortable all day anymore? I used to have comfortable bras. I cannot find comfortable bras anymore. I am seriously considering going back to the style I wore while nursing, because it was comfortable.

2. Why did Navigating the Path to Industry sell really well last month and then crash down to almost no sales this month? I didn't have any marketing activities last month, so I am at a complete loss to explain this. Obviously, I prefer last month's sales to this month's.

3. Why was I really good at not letting sexist crap get to me for so long, but am no longer all that good at it? For many, many years, I've used the mental image of a big trunk, and anytime something sexist happened, I'd just store it in that trunk. I'd see myself picking it up, putting it in the trunk, closing the lid, locking it, and moving on along my original path. Lately, it is like I can't get the lid of the trunk to close anymore. Why? Is it just too full?

Regardless, I need to find a new way to deal with sexist crap, because I damn well don't want it derailing me from my pursuing my goals.

4. Why does my older daughter like waffles and pikelets (small pancake-like things from New Zealand) but not pancakes?

5. Why can't I get in the habit of flossing my teeth? I am really good at making myself do other things, and flossing doesn't take that long and isn't hard to do. But I cannot get myself into the habit of always doing it. I'd say I floss 2-3 nights per week. What gives? I thought that maybe the problem was that I'm trying to do it at the end of the day when I've used up all my willpower, so I've tried establishing the routine in the morning. No luck there, either.

Share your mysteries of the universe- or any answers you have to mine- in the comments!


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Behavioral economist David Laibson says to link teeth flossing to watching tv (though it could be watching something else). I do it while doing stuff on the internet right before brushing my teeth every night. #2 hates flossing-- she did it as a monthly challenge back in 2011, but it didn't really stick.

    1. Do you use floss picks? Much cheaper than dental work and much better than string floss!

  2. I can't help with sexism or flossing (I can't make myself do it either) but as a fellow big-melloned woman and lifelong sufferer of ill-fitting or uncomfortable bras, I can help with the bra choice -- I recommend Glamorise wire-free bras. I love the Magic Lift and Minimizer styles.

    1. Oh, good, I'm completely unhappy with the wire-free bras I just ordered. (The ones I love are threadbare, and I'm boycotting the store they came from, and I can't find the same model online. The model I found is NOT close enough, it turns out.

    2. Anonymous8:07 AM

      I buy wirefree from Macy's (I think the company is bali) and so far they have worked well for me.

  3. I'm never had a pikelet, but I do like waffles but not pancakes. The texture is different to me, waffles aren't as doughy as pancakes and I'm not a fan of doughy.

  4. I've never had a pikelet, but I do like waffles but not pancakes. The texture is different to me, waffles aren't as doughy as pancakes and I'm not a fan of doughy.

  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/170894076/fitesse-custom-build-your-perfect-fit-bra

  6. 2. I wish I knew the answer to this. No chance of seeing where buyers came from? Regionally or referrals or anything? Maybe last month's sales correspond with the tail end of someone sharing it a little before then?

    3. I think it's too full. Unless we can do the mental equivalent of erasing (or nuking) some of it, it all adds up and becomes so heavy. I liken it to detoxing, a lot of the time.

    5. I second the use of floss picks. I dislike regular floss so my brain tends to pretend it doesn't exist. Even when I'm looking right at it.

  7. Anonymous12:35 PM

    1) have you tried Title Nine already? Have you gone to a fancy lingerie store to get fitted? (You might be able to combine these things by going to a Title Nine bra fitting event, I don't know CA well enough to know which if any of the locations where they do it is near you)

    5) I bet it's because flossing is (at the best of times) slightly unpleasant and boring as it is happening, and there's no direct positive feedback at all. If periodontal health is worse, it can be really painful.

  8. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I always floss in the evening right before brushing my teeth, so it became part of the brushing teeth routine. I found that thinking of it as expanding an existing routine made it much easier to stick to than starting a new routine. (I know it's semantics more than anything, but it still helped.)
    Maybe (and I'm really guessing here, not knowing you or your situation that well) the sexist crap is harder on you now because it was a factor in your leaving your last job earlier than intended. This caused additional hurt and made you feel more raw in this spot?
    Good luck with solving the mysteries of the Universe!

  9. Edie W6:25 PM

    I second Liz on the pancakes thing--there's something too "wet" about the texture of pancakes relative to waffles.

    I don't know what it is about the bras that is making them uncomfortable. Personally, I don't mind wires but hate when I feel like the band of the bra is too tight or binding. I really like this bra for that reason--the band fabric is very soft and has a bit of stretch to it.

  10. I agree with your daughter. Love pikelets, dislike pancakes.

    Pikelets are a small bit of yumminess with jam and cream, pancakes are a giant stodge-fest (even so-called good ones).

  11. I'm just about done setting a new habit - cleaning my face at night (!) and the only way I did this? I used Gretchen Rubin's strategy of convenience and put a pack of facial cleansing wipes on my bedside table. It looks terrible out but it is very convenient as I jump into bed, clean my face and reach for my book :) I have an unbroken stretch of 25 days :)

    My suggestion to you (if you don't find it too gross) - leave the dental floss next to your bed and do it before you go sleep.

  12. Zenmoo4:54 AM

    Well, my dentist says flossing a couple of times a week is good enough- but maybe that's because I confessed I never floss at all and she thought something would be better than nothing (but I'm 37 & have had one filling & no sign of any issues so I don't beat myself up about my failure to floss)

    Does your daughter eat pikelets cold? I'd never eat a cold pancake, but I'll eat pikelets with jam & cream.


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