Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekend Reading: The Short Edition

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, this has been a very, very busy week. I've got more things still on my to do list for today, so I'm going to have to keep this links post short.

Here's Cate Huston about how attention is used as a currency, and why that doesn't work for everyone.

I'll add that I don't think that expecting everything to be free is limited to engineers. It is fascinating to watch what people will and won't pay for.

And here's an interview with Jessica McKellar, who sounds like a really thoughtful and engaged manager. Anyone who wants to be better at managing people should consider reading it, even if you don't work in tech. She makes a lot of really good points.

This series on an antibiotic overdose at UCSF hospital is really long, but worth the time, particularly for anyone who creates software or sets up processes. I've got a lot of thoughts about it, and they'll probably eventually make their way into a blog post over at my professional site. I just haven't had the time to write it, because... BUSY.

An interesting theory about allergies.

And now, back to my to do list. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Overdose series. The alerts hierarchy in aviation was fascinating!

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Have you ever read "The Human Factor" by Kim Vicente? I was reminded of it when reading the Overdose series - it's about the same idea, that even the best tech will cause problems if it doesn't take into account how humans think and react.


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